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Discover our open ambient spaces close to our fitness center for leisure activities. Abuja Continental presents a fitness facility to help you achieve
your fitness goals. Our elevated facilities and energizing range of instructor led activities will enable you to maintain
your workout routine during each stay.


1 MONTH 100,000 180,000
3 MONTHS 225,000 338,000
6 MONTHS 385,000 578,000 300,000
ANNUAL 550,000 825,000 450,000

NOTE: Children from 3 - 16 years old are entitled to 50% discount on single membership.

Corporate Membership require minimum of 10 members and above.


Get Fit

The Gym at Abuja Continental is the perfect place to ensure you meet all your fitness goals. It provides you with some of the best facilities in the Abuja Metropolis. The gym is powered by Techno-Gym and provides a great option for guests and residents in Abuja to stay fit and healthy.

  • Gym
  • Gym

Swimming Pool Kids & Adults

Oasis of Aquatic Bliss

Submerge into the refreshing depths of a swimming pool, where you can bask in the sun's warmth or indulge in an evening dip beneath the starlit sky. Revel in a haven of joy and relaxation.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Swimming Pool

Squash & Table Tennis Courts

Unleash Your Game

Step onto our Squash & Table Tennis Court, where the confined space transforms into a dynamic arena of agility and strategy.

  • Squash & Table Tennis Courts
  • Squash & Table Tennis Courts

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